Why Tio Gringo?

From the writer of Life With Three Kids, United We Dad, Writing the Bench and The Frugal Five comes a blog about … well, nothing.

No particular topic, no particular subject (that’s basically the same as topic right?), no hope to make millions of dollars from writing in my blog, nope, nothing!

As the tagline says, just me and my nonsense.

I didn’t renew Life With Three Kids and now some international sports apparel firm is running it. I couldn’t keep up with the fatherhood stuff so United We Dad disappeared. I published one item for Writing the Bench, my wannabe sports blog, which is a pretty sweet name if you ask me, and I posted twice from The Frugal Five before I decided I didn’t want to talk finances to people.┬áBut I still wanted to write. So …

Welcome to Tio Gringo, the nickname my nephew and niece in Brazil gave me almost 15 years ago.

Translation: Uncle Foreigner

I just wanted a site that I could write about nonsense. Oscar predictions, sports predictions, why I shouldn’t eat at Taco Bell, as I mentioned, total nonsense. Plus, no internal pressure if I wanted to or didn’t want to write.

Here we go!


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