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As much as I love my wife and kids, I do have other hobbies, like sports, fantasy sports and then my obsessive love for Star Wars, Boyz II Men, and the TV show Friends. So, yah, my blog is primarily about my life with three kids but every now and then I have to write about pop culture nonsense. What’s it to you?

Star Wars

Goodbye Princess Leia… – December 27, 2016

The Season of Star Wars Starts … NOW! – July 9, 2015

To prepare ourselves for The Force Awakens we begin our five-month long adventure into a galaxy far, far away!

Eleven Star Wars Phrases to Describe 11 Years of Marriage – May, 2014
How do you write about 11 years of marriage without either a) sounding cheesy or b) repeating yourself? Well if you’re a Star Wars fan (guilty!) then you use 11 Star Wars phrases to describe 11 years of marriage.

A New Hope or will The Empire Strike Back? – November 1, 2012
Disney had just bought Lucasfilm. George Lucas was walking away. And I needed to write about it. So I did, for PopBlerd! in what I think is one of my most entertaining pieces I’ve written.

Boyz II Men

12 Boyz II Men Songs for 12 Years of Marriage – May, 2015
In 2014 I wrote compared my marriage to Star Wars. It was only fitting that in 2015 I compare it to my favorite musical artists of all-time.

A Night We’ll Never Forget! – July 8, 2012
I meet Boyz II Men, but not before some insane chain of events.

Twenty: My Tribute to Boyz II Men – November 2011
One of my many tributes to the men of my dreams. I kid, I kid … sort of. In 2011 Boyz II Men celebrated their 20th anniversary. I celebrated right along with them with 20 of my favorite songs by my Boyz.


All We Need is Love – December 5, 2014
A mini-uproard over a black Stormtrooper, a series of controversial cop killings, as much as we hope it to be true, racism isn’t leaving us anytime soon. Why can’t we just learn to love each other, no matter what color of skin the other person may have?

Boobs! It’s Dad vs. the Internet vs. the Innocence of My Kids! 
Written for United We Dad, I ponder life in this new world were the ease of access to things like … well, boobs. It’s definitely not easy these days.

Pop Culture

American Idol 2018 Draft – April 8, 2018
The Johnson Five drafts our ‘teams’ for the 2018 American Idol reboot.

How “It” May Have Changed My Life – February 26, 2018
I’m scared. My teenager is scared. It’s time to fix what we put into our minds.

Flashback Friday: Ten of My Favorite Toys of All-Time

Flashback Friday: 1995 – Kevin Graduated

Flashback Friday: The Summer of ’94 – The End of the Innocence

KJ’s 12 Pop Culture (and some sports) Moments of 2012 – December 13, 2012
Written for PopBlerd! I compile 12 of my favorite 2012 moments from the world of pop culture.

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